What Orange County Tax Appraiser Do

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Due to the recent global economic breakdown, a lot of real estate properties have been declining in value ever since. Even high end properties such as those located in Orange County have decreased prices. The zonal value might have remained unchanged but the market value surely decreased as a result of the dwindled economy. As a result of this, Orange County property owners are beginning to double check their tax appraisal in order to cut back on losses in case there are errors on the initial tax appraisal. As it turned out, six up to seven out of ten property owners are over assessed in their tax appraisal. This means that they have been paying more than their share of their real estate taxes.

If you hire your own Orange County tax appraiser, you could save thousands of dollars each year on your real estate property tax. If your own hired Orange County tax appraiser computed a different value than that of your city appraiser, you can always appeal it to them. All you have to do is to have an Orange County tax appraiser assess your property, have it documented and present it to your city’s assessor’s office. You can present a strong case with this.

If the process for appealing is so easy, then why is it not a popular idea for most Orange County property owners? The answer lies in the cost of having an Orange County tax appraiser. You should be prepared to shell out as much as $400 for your residential appraisal report. Also, you should also expect that the appeal will consume most of your time and effort. Most property owners are not willing to undergo the cumbersome process so they turn a blind eye on their overvalued tax appraised property. They do not know that all the time and effort is well worth it in the long run. Studies show that only 2% of property owners take the time to appeal their initial tax appraisal. The remaining 98% of property owners who are too lazy to do the same are just making their city richer without probable cause.

The demand for an Orange County Tax Appraiser cannot be taken for granted. If you are a responsible property owner and you want to pay only for the true tax value of your property, hiring a tax appraiser is essential. There are already appraisal companies who are offering such service at a fraction of the cost. They are able to decrease their rate because they are only giving out partial appraisal and they do not put their license on the line. If you want to take initial step on getting the true tax value of your tax property, you can go to this appraisal companies instead. At least you will have a ballpark idea if you are paying the correct tax or not.

Make sure that you deal only with a licensed Orange County tax appraiser. The Orange County assessor’s office will not accept any assessment that is not made by a professional appraiser.

The Cost of Orange County Property Appraisal

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A lot of property owners are surprised to see the professional fee of having an Orange County property appraisal. You have to take in mind that an appraisal of your property will be for your benefit. It is beneficial for both the buyer and seller of a real estate property in case there is a transaction between the two. Lenders also look for an appraisal report before you can even borrow money from them. If you compare the cost of having an Orange County property appraisal and the benefits it can give you, as the buyer, seller or lender, you will see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

For first time property owners, you should know that there are different types of Orange County property appraisal used. The most common of which is known as the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report or URAR. Another type of appraisal is known as the Drive By Appraisal. URAR is understandably more thorough than the Drive By Appraisal although it is more expensive. You should find out first if your lender accepts the Drive By Appraisal method or not before undergoing it.

Another factor that should be consider in getting the cost of Orange County property appraisal, aside from the type of appraisal method, is the type of property to be appraised. Single family home in Orange County is less expensive in terms of appraisal compared to the cost of having an apartment unit in Orange County appraised. The bigger the property, the more expensive it will be. Location matters as well. If you are located on Orange County main street or business district, your appraisal cost will be more expensive. Commercial properties have higher appraisal rate than those of residential units.

The cost of Orange County property appraisal will also depend on the value of the property. If there are two houses located in the same street that are similar in size, one property may still have higher appraisal cost because of the material made, the way the structure is built or if it is located in a corner lot. The variations of appraisal cost are not that big if you do not pass the $500,000 mark. It would typically range from $300 up to $600.

The use of the property will also play a role when determining the cost of Orange County property appraisal. Family home is the most basic and the least expensive one in terms of family use. If you tag the property as income generating, like apartments and rental homes, you will incur an increase in appraisal cost. A single family home that is under the $500,000 mark can acquire an appraisal cost of approximately $400. On the other hand, a property of similar value that is used as income generating will cost $100 more than the usual.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors in determining Orange County property appraisal cost. If this article did not give you the exact figure, at least you have an idea more or less how much you can get your property appraised. Also, now you know why you have to get a professional appraiser to do the job.

Orange County Property – Dos and Don’ts

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Orange County is one of the most in demand places to live in. The weather is sunny most days of the year and the landscape of the place is just inspiring to behold. Orange County has been the Gold Coast of the state of California and people flock there to visit while some of those stay for good. The beach is just one of the main attractions of an Orange County property. There is also the dining places, shopping options and entertainment centers just to name a few. Your life will never be dull if you have an Orange County property to go to.

Orange County is also known as the hub for the rich and famous. It encompasses 34 of the state’s most upscale cities including Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach and Santa Ana. Now, before you browse the internet or call your real estate broker, you first have to know some dos and don’ts of buying an Orange County property.

Do take a stock of your finances and find out if you are financially capable of purchasing an Orange County property. Orange County is one of the country’s most upscale residences so the selling price here do not come cheap. However, if you can afford to purchase an Orange County property, it would be one of your best investments. You can do anything you want with it, expand it and renovate it all you want. Now, lacking in finances does not automatically mean you cannot live in Orange County. Do be open to the thought of renting. Renting can be a good option if you plan to save for your future home mortgage.

Do consider purchasing an Orange County property by means of a home loan. If you have a very respectable credit history, you will be able to obtain minimal interest rate from banks and other lending firms. Also, you should always hire an accredited broker and a licensed Orange County appraiser to do their job for you. This way, you will know the true value of your property and your documents will be taken cared of without so much of a fuss on your end. Do not deal with unlicensed brokers and appraisers because they might not know what their job entails.

If you are purchasing an Orange County property for investment purpose, do keep in mind the economy of the area where the property is situated. In Orange County, you can expect the property to increase in value, approximately 3-5% on an annual basis. As you can gather from this information, Orange County property is truly a sound investment, one you just cannot pass up if you have the opportunity to acquire.

Lastly, do not forget to get the advice and opinion from the experts before your actual property purchase. Get a property appraiser to assess the value of the property before making any offer. Hire also an inspector to check if the house is well built or if it needs any repair before you live in it. Always get a real estate lawyer to help you with the contracts you have to sign so you do not have to put a signature on a piece of paper that will be detrimental to your finances.

On the Lookout for Beachfront Property in Orange County

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If ocean front living is your ideal real estate property, you surely want to have a look for a property in Orange County. Orange County is known for its majestic beaches, year round sunshine and outstanding properties that will surely make the eyes of a prospective buyer go wild. The question is not if you like the property, for surely you will; or if you want to live in Orange County, for who doesn’t? The question is if you can afford it?

If you want beachfront property in Orange County, then for sure you are ready to break the bank just to get the house of your dreams. For investors, this is a perfect investment opportunity since a lot of people love to just rent, if not own, a beachfront property in Orange County. It will be a home that is close to nature, a short walk to the shore and days of relaxing and luxurious atmosphere right in and outside your doorsteps. Orange County is considered as the Golden Coast of California so it is no surprise that beachfront properties here are selling like hotcakes.

People on the lookout of beachfront property in Orange County will not be disappointed by the variety of options to choose from. There are different architectural styles and themes you can find in the area. Whether you want modern house, a classical one or even an environment friendly structure, your desire will be granted. The beachfront states are available also in Mediterranean style architecture and some with spacious ranches that goes with it. If you are familiar with the place, you will notice that there are common features of the beachfront properties. There are usually roomy floor plans, fully stocked and modernized kitchens, hardwood floors, spa-like bathrooms and most importantly, large windows in order to highlight the breathtaking view of the ocean just outside the patio. The exterior of the properties are something else as well. Most have private swimming pools, fascinating garden and beautiful landscaping. The overall effect of the beach is framed and complimented by wide space, mowed lawn, colorful flowers and carefully trimmed bushes.

Aside from the varying architectural styles and themes of houses, Orange County also has a lot of location options. The state of California has a number of upscale seaside communities such as Laguna Beach, Santa Ana and Newport Beach. If you are artistic in nature and would like to commune with people who are artistic as well, you should head on over to the Laguna Beach. They have there mini art galleries and art festivals to satisfying your artistic cravings. If you are aiming for a larger community, then Newport Beach is the one for you. It is situated a mere 10 miles from Santa Ana downtown.

It does not matter where you decide to purchase your property in Orange County for sure you will have a fantastic view of the ocean in front of you. Even if you do not plan on staying there for good, you can have a property for investment purposes.