What Orange County Tax Appraiser Do

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Due to the recent global economic breakdown, a lot of real estate properties have been declining in value ever since. Even high end properties such as those located in Orange County have decreased prices. The zonal value might have remained unchanged but the market value surely decreased as a result of the dwindled economy. As a result of this, Orange County property owners are beginning to double check their tax appraisal in order to cut back on losses in case there are errors on the initial tax appraisal. As it turned out, six up to seven out of ten property owners are over assessed in their tax appraisal. This means that they have been paying more than their share of their real estate taxes.

If you hire your own Orange County tax appraiser, you could save thousands of dollars each year on your real estate property tax. If your own hired Orange County tax appraiser computed a different value than that of your city appraiser, you can always appeal it to them. All you have to do is to have an Orange County tax appraiser assess your property, have it documented and present it to your city’s assessor’s office. You can present a strong case with this.

If the process for appealing is so easy, then why is it not a popular idea for most Orange County property owners? The answer lies in the cost of having an Orange County tax appraiser. You should be prepared to shell out as much as $400 for your residential appraisal report. Also, you should also expect that the appeal will consume most of your time and effort. Most property owners are not willing to undergo the cumbersome process so they turn a blind eye on their overvalued tax appraised property. They do not know that all the time and effort is well worth it in the long run. Studies show that only 2% of property owners take the time to appeal their initial tax appraisal. The remaining 98% of property owners who are too lazy to do the same are just making their city richer without probable cause.

The demand for an Orange County Tax Appraiser cannot be taken for granted. If you are a responsible property owner and you want to pay only for the true tax value of your property, hiring a tax appraiser is essential. There are already appraisal companies who are offering such service at a fraction of the cost. They are able to decrease their rate because they are only giving out partial appraisal and they do not put their license on the line. If you want to take initial step on getting the true tax value of your tax property, you can go to this appraisal companies instead. At least you will have a ballpark idea if you are paying the correct tax or not.

Make sure that you deal only with a licensed Orange County tax appraiser. The Orange County assessor’s office will not accept any assessment that is not made by a professional appraiser.

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