Investors Need a Dependable Orange County Appraiser

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Property Appraiser Defined

Property appraisal is the act or method of knowing the true value or the fair market value of a certain real estate property. It can be the value of a residential house and lot, a condominium unit, a series of apartments, a commercial building, an agricultural lot, a vacant lot or anything else in between. The value is based on the highest and best use of the real estate property in consideration. The only person that should be doing the appraisal is a licensed property appraiser. Also, the appraiser should come from the locality so that he or she is better acquainted with the area of jurisdiction. If you have an Orange County property, you should get an Orange County appraiser, no doubt about it. The Orange County appraiser is better informed about the zonal value and the fair market value of similar properties in the same location. They are better acquainted with the processes in Orange County so they can deliver the service faster as well.

Property Value In the Point of View of Investors

Investors have a different calculation of a property value. Almost always, they will not conform to the value set by the Orange County appraiser. However, this does not go to show that the licensed appraiser has no value for the investor. Investors base their own property appraisal on a lot of factors and that includes the value given to them by a licensed appraiser. The licensed appraiser will give the fair market value of the property as well as the tax value of the property in question. Investors, on the other hand, calculate the value of the property based on how they can use it in their business.

A property investor evaluates by making the developments around the vicinity of the real estate, whether around the street, on the city as a whole or even based on the developments on the entire state. If a property investor decides to get a real estate investment in Orange County, he will first hire an Orange County appraiser and have the property assessed. Once he has the value of the property, he will then compute on his own how much he can resell that property in the future based on the current and future developments in the area. If the investor is happy with his profit, he will then decide to buy the property. He also consults the Orange County appraiser on how much he can sell that specific piece of property in the future considering all the factors such as economic growth of the area and the future developments.

If there are no significant developments in the area that can increase the value of the property in the future, the property investor can make his own developments on the property itself. If he bought a bare lot, he can put up a series of apartments that he can later rent or sell for profit. If the investor bought a house needing repairs, he can hire workers to renovate it and then sell it also for profit. Before selling the renovated real estate property, the investor will once again need the expertise of the appraiser to assess the property before putting a price tag on it.

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